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The Sales Acceleration engine qualifies the prospects and prioritizes the work of salespeople with features like Sales Cadence, Local Presence, Gamification, Pipeline Management, and others improving productivity.

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Ease of Usability

An ideal sales CRM software should help the salespersons win more deals, and yet many CRMs fail because it’s tedious to use. The secret to success in sales is working more effectively with people and not with a software. You would love to use IntelliSales CRM as the intelligent dialer would help you call the right prospect at the right time and increase your conversion rate and yet it’s so simple to use.

Integrated Telephony

The intelligent dialer empowered with Intelliverse’s Sales Acceleration technology decides which of the prospects are hot. It helps you call the right prospect to close deals instantly. With a single click, Intelliverse IntelliSales CRM starts your session and calls your contacts automatically.

Easy Sales Pipeline Management

With easy to use analytics, the Intelliverse IntelliSales CRM provides you a great sales pipeline management tool with time wise segmentation and stage wise classification as well. The performance management of the sales personnel also becomes easy as IntelliSales CRM provides you with the win rate at each stage of the sales funnel with the different classifications.

Reports for Higher Performance

Intelliverse IntelliSales CRM pulls up the detailed report on demand for all activities of the sales personnel. It classifies the activities and opportunities by stages. From such a detailed report which is easy to interpret, it’s a cake walk to understand where an organization is going wrong in its sales efforts and what the improvement areas are.

Sales Cadence

Take the right action at the right time and be always right the first time. Sales Cadence helps in accomplishing the daily tasks of the salespersons seamlessly with no opportunities to slip from their hands. Each of your sessions and campaigns is guided with mathematical precision for you to sell more.

Closes Deals Faster

A Sales CRM with an integrated Sales Acceleration Platform makes IntelliSales CRM unique and unbeatable in terms of closing more deals. The intelligent dialer helps you call the right prospect making you right the first time and close more deals faster. The “Sales Cadence” feature allows you to keep your relationship with the prospects warm and invigorating.


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