Stephen Richards Covey, the great American educator, businessman, and speaker and author of a very popular book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says “We become what we repeatedly do”. Well, it so happens that “closing deals” is one thing that sales people are repeatedly focusing on, but we do find that they are not all are successful at it. To excel at closing deals, one needs the right rhythm and pace to achieve more efficiently. A good Sales Cadence does that. It…Continue Reading “Build a Sales cadence to effectively Close Deals”

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Intelliverse announces the launch of its new Free Sales CRM with many industry first features Intelliverse, a global leader in Sales Acceleration solutions, has launched IntelliSales CRM today. IntelliSales CRM is an intelligent Sales CRM which is free for unlimited users and includes unlimited support. One of many innovative features is pay-as-you-go calling feature from within the CRM. This allows the businesses to set their own budget for CRM and sales software. Along with this new free CRM, Intelliverse has brought…Continue Reading “Intelliverse Launches Free IntelliSales CRM”

Artificial Intelligence Could Change CRM

Artificial intelligence is expected to transform almost every aspect of business in the near future. From changing how employees do their day-to-day job to how the leadership team goes about making critical decisions, AI is bound to have a substantial positive impact. It is because, AI has the ability not only to increase employee productivity but can also help the companies develop more meaningful connections with customers, which in turn would increase their revenue. One of the most important abilities of AI and Machine Learning…Continue Reading “How Artificial Intelligence could change CRM forever”

Three Benefits of Using Your CRM

The chief objective of using a CRM is to gather, organize and manage customers’ data. Subsequently, this data can be used to identify unique insights about your customers, which can help in making critical decisions to improve customer relationships and boost revenue for the company. However, to use the data effectively, you need to avoid the common mistakes that can hamper its utility. Discussed below are the ways in which you can utilize your CRM’s data much more effectively. Right Metrics CRM’s data can be…Continue Reading “Three Benefits of Using Your CRM’s Data Effectively”


The growth of a company depends essentially on the health of its sales pipeline. To ensure smoother and consistent flow of sales leads, the sales pipeline has to be managed well, or else the conversions could go dry. This requires right set of sales tools, and the CRM is one of them. An advanced CRM can enable sales teams to maintain a healthy pipeline and smoothly move the leads to conversion. However, there are few best practices that need to be followed to optimize sales…Continue Reading “Key Tips To Manage Sales Pipeline With CRM”


Improving the customer experience at every stage has become the primary focus of every business across the industries. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is even more essential in service-driven sectors such as automobile, travel, hospitality, etc. One of the ideal ways to keep customers happy is to provide them with more choice, as they have become wiser and are more informed about the products and services they want to buy. As the business environment has changed, businesses that do not want to recognize the…Continue Reading “How CRM can help in improving Customer Experience and Loyalty”

how crm can be used for influencer marketing

Most of us do not like receiving irrelevant ads while browsing the web, or when reading a blog. So, when brands want to promote their products through online ads, it would get a bit challenging for them. In order to generate an emphatic response from the audience, they would need effective and relevant ads to produce the desired interest from the customers. The issue can be addressed to a certain extent through Influencer Marketing, which makes use of endorsements from industry leaders or celebrities to…Continue Reading “How CRM can be used for Influencer Marketing”


Managing the interactions with existing and potential customers can be more comfortable with a CRM. The software tool can collect and collate customer data, which is useful in improving the quality of customer services. Subsequently, it can contribute to the company’s bottom line. However, a stand-alone CRM without the support of a tool to interact with the customers can be inadequate for large-scale organizations. On the other hand, a CRM integrated with an advanced telephony feature can be highly efficient and effective. The integrated telephony…Continue Reading “Key Benefits of a CRM with Integrated Telephony feature”

How CRM can help increase sales during holiday season

Most Sales managers appreciate the benefits of using a CRM. It makes their job of collecting customer data and converting it into sales forecasts, based on which they can formulate a strategy. The advantage of CRM can increase further during holiday seasons as it also helps the sales managers to make a data-driven decision on budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on CRM to increase the possibilities of sales during the holidays. From using it to develop a strategy to…Continue Reading “How CRM can help increase sales during holiday season”